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Bossy's Bibs

Bossy's Bibs produce effective products to overcome problems caused by rug rubs. We strive to improve and create new products requested by our customers.

Bossy's Bibs were designed over 20 years ago to help a show pony that was suffering from rug rubs - a problem many horse owners have faced as their horse's coat is rubbed away leaving unsightly and sometimes sore bare patches. The material was carefully selected to ensure it would be comfortable, breathable and machine washable. Bossy's Bibs help by forming a protective layer between the rug and the hair, thereby preventing rubs and allowing the hair to regrow.

Bossy's Bibs are worn under both stable and turnout rugs to give full protection from rug rubs on shoulders, chest and withers. Existing rubbed areas will soon regrow. The bibs come in a variety of colours and a large range of sizes to ensure you can find the one that fits your horse or pony.

See below for price,sizes and colours.

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Bossy's Bibs ManeGuard

The Bossy's Bibs ManeGuard has all the features of our bibs, plus an extended neck designed to smooth and protect the mane from being 'rubbed out' by full neck rugs.

They have proved to be very effective in the prevention of mane loss and are suitable for use under rugs with full necks such as combos.

The ManeGuards retail in Australia at $130 and come in navy or white.

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Bossy's Bibs

Bossy's Bibs

Size and Price Guide

The build of the horse needs to be taken into account when choosing a size. If your horse/pony is a particularly fine for it's height, then go down a size. If the horse is very broad, or has prominent wither or thick neck, then it's better to go up a size.

Please contact us on 0448 464 232 or for advice. We can make made to measure bibs for Arabs, Miniature ponies and very large horses.

Sizes Single Multiple
Extra Small Pony 10.2-11.1 hands $45 $42
Small Pony (Show Pony Type) 11.2-12.1 hands $45 $42
Pony 12.2-13.1 hands $45 $42
Large Pony 13.2-14.1 hands $45 $42
Small Full 14.2-15.1 hands $50 $45
Medium Full 15.2-16.1 hands $50 $45
Large Full 16.2-17.0 hands $50 $45
Super Size (Large Build) 16.2-17.1 hands $50 $45
Super Plus 17.1-18.0 hands $55 $50

Bib Colours

Black - Burgundy - Green - Navy - White


Bossy's Maneguard Sizes

Product Neck Size Height Size
Extra Small Pony 38" 10.2 - 11.1
Small Pony (Show Pony Type) 38" 11.2 - 12.1
Pony 44" 12.2 - 13.1
Large Pony 44" Regular Neck 13.2 - 14.1
Large Pony 47" Large Neck 13.2 - 14.1
Small Full 47" Regular Neck

14.2 - 15.1

Small Full 48" Large Neck 14.2 - 15.1
Medium Full 48" Regular Neck 15.2 - 16.1
Medium Full 51" Large Neck 15.2 - 16.1
Large Full 51" Regular Neck 16.2 - 17.0
Large Full (Andalusian) 53" Medium Neck 16.2 - 17.0
Large Full 56" Large Neck 16.2 - 17.0
Super Size (Large Build) 53" Regular Neck 16.2 - 17.1
Super Size (Large Build) 56" Large Neck 16.2 - 17.1
Super Plus 56" Regular Neck 17.1 - 18.0
Super Plus 59" Large Neck 17.1 - 18.0



Bossy's Bibs Rugs

Bossy’s Bibs Rugs promote a healthy coat and prevent a build up of grease and hair on your top rugs. They provide total body cover and a protective layer between the top rug and the hair preventing rubs and leave a shiny coat.

The build of horse needs to be taken into account when choosing a size. For borderline cases and/or if the horse is particularly fine for its height go down a size. If the horse is very broad or has a prominent wither or thick neck it is better to go up a size. We can make made to measure rugs for horses and ponies that don’t conform to the size guide below.

Sizes Rug Height (hh) Price
Extra Small Pony 4'6" 10.2-11.1 hands $85
Small Pony (Show Pony Type) 5'0" 11.2-12.1 hands $85
Pony 5'3" 12.2-13.1 hands $85
Large Pony 5'9" 13.2-14.1 hands $85
Small Full 6' 14.2-15.1 hands $95
Medium Full 6'3" 15.2-16.1 hands $95
Medium Full 6'6" 15.2-16.1 hands $95
Large Full 6'6" 16.2-17.0 hands $95
Large Full 6'9" 16.2-17.0 hands $95
Super Size (Large Build) 6'9" 16.2-17.1 hands $95
Super Size (Large Build) 7' 16.2-17.1 hands $100
Super Plus 7'3" 17.1-18.0 hands $100